Shipping Containers

from by Mr. Beany's Bitty Band

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In my world, the reason the show has vehicles with child-like personalities is because they're operated by children's brains in jars. Why do you need children's brains in jars for a coal boiler? Simple: You don't. But you might need them to operate a futuristic reactor in a space ship so moving the scene to space is quite logical.


In our shipping containers you can find
many things that you might enjoy.
We pride ourselves on love that is blind
to the money in your employ.
The Fat Controller has no home.
He lives aboard our shining dome.

On our clean and shining bridge you can find
the ship's face and Conductor Bell.
We call this, our little ship, Gordon Tom.
He can be cheeky, but he's swell.
His brain is kept down a few floors;
he's wired to the reactors.

Ships like ours need children's brains to go.
They are stored in fluorescent jars.
We think he will be happy, quite so.
He likes to read books with kittens.
His parents were properly paid.
His sister went to college, Wade.

The Fat Controller gives out Specials for
little ships that follow through on
special tasks that he assigns and for
which he feels are really useful.
One time we took a whole scout troop
out where the brain extractors poop.

I hope that you can buy the model craft.
It features real parts that can go.
The gift shop is located in the aft
near where the engine exhaust blows.
We think that you might like this toy,
designed right for a girl or boy.

If you find that you can not pay the fare
we can make arrangements that work.
Sometimes we need someone to take repair
where Gordon Tom has been at work.
He often has no maintainers
other than shipping containers.


from Shipping Containers, released July 3, 2015
S.W. Black on vocals, Audacity and LMMS.




Mr. Beany's Bitty Band

We're a one-person band fronted by human who self-describes as a mad artist of a very wordy medium. We invented the "crapcapella" genre, and remain a proponent, though We've begun experimenting and expanding to other areas. We love improvised music as well as sheet music. ... more

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